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Monster Love

These past few months have flown by. It's hard to understand how Monday becomes Friday so fast, and why the two hours of free time I have twice a week isn't enough to accomplish everything.

And the world can be a sad and confusing place. I don't like lying to my kids, yet sprinkle sugar on reality. It's a luxury, living safe as we do. I get to choose most of what they hear and see. To those out there without this ability, I wish I could reach out and make things better. Everyone deserves these things. I'm thinking of what I'd do with a magic wand, but these should be universal rights, not wishes and dreams.

I pre-ordered The Monster Under The Bed during the summer in order to take a free class. The author, Kailei Pew, gives awesome advice. I recommend anyone getting into picture books looks into what she offers.

I finally went to pick up the book last week and was not disappointed. The super cute illustrations by Steph Lew helped me fall in love with the darling protagonist. The world above her bed was a terrifying mystery turned into joy with some detective work and an open heart.

We can all learn something from Blossom.

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