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Mid-September Joy

September is my favorite month. It’s a time of beautiful shifts in nature, the hope for a successful school year, my oldest child’s birthday (plus my own!) and, starting tonight, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

I was feeling all the September magic this morning when I woke early enough to prep dough. It had a good two rises in time for my kids to form their mini round challahs before the older ones left for school. I love these three little loafs of bread, and smile at how different they are, like the little people who formed them.

My toddler helped bake, and we can’t wait for her siblings to see how they turned out when they come home.

We’re reading EVEN HIGHER! by I.L. Peretz, adapted by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Jill Weber. I adore the message of kindness being the miracle, and the myriad animal illustrations. There will never be too many cats for me in any book!

Big thank you to PJ Library for providing my family with so many gems. Sending out good wishes for a very happy 5784

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